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    Word Count Tool Online

    The Word Counter tool is free tool that's provides the count of words, characters, sentences and more. It’s lightweight and simple to use just enter something or paste on the text area. Word Counter tool monitor and reports the count of words, characters, sentences in real-time.

    There are many more features like count the white spaces and paragraphs that counts how many white spaces and paragraphs in your content. Moreover, it also provides the size of content in kilobyte (Kb). In addition, all these content is store in the local storage memory if something happen like auto close the browser or crash the browser. Then content will be still there when you open this page again. It is auto save the you will not need to click on any button.

    Other more features are also coming in Word Counter tool, firstly we would add text file load features that you can load the text file in the text area in real-time and monitor the count report. Secondly, we would add minimum length set functionality that will restrict you for content length and its progress bar will show in the top it will notify you how many percentage of content you have written as per target minimum length.

    It would be support other languages includes Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, German and more in next versions.

    Word Counter tool is works on all the browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer (IE), Safari, Opera and UC Browser and it works perfect on all devices such as mobile phone, computer, console or tablet.